Hooker: The hooker comes standard in all NV models but can be fit onto any CCF-X2 or FWX reel. It consists of a red anodized 6061 series aluminum button that’s machined to screw into the back of the reel seat. No more leader slipping in between the frame and the spool! Wrap your line around the HookerTM, and move to the next pool or flat. Only Nautilus Reels!


ActivSeal: The Nautilus ActivSealTM is a precision machined proprietary seal that’s featured in all our CCF-X2 and NV series reels. The ActivSeal actively repels water, sand, salt and any other contaminant to keep the braking system intact and consistent. Whether great lakes steelheading in 20-degree weather or on a Seychelles flat in 100-degree tropical torture, ActivSeal technology keeps your reel functioning at the highest level, despite the elements. Dunk it and batter it with sand, then go back to fishing. Only Nautilus Reels!


Laser-ID: A favorite technology to come out of the Nautilus think-tank, we laser etch a white spot to the inside of the spool, leaving a textured surface that can be written on. Anglers can then use a thin permanent marker to write the line weight or any other information you need. No more washed out or peeled of line stickers! If you ever need to change it, wipe it off with alcohol for a blank slate.


CCF: The Cork and Carbon Fiber composite disc braking system was first introduced in 2003. It has since changed the expectations of fly fishers world-wide. A start-up inertia of 10% or more in a cork drag reel is no longer acceptable. The CCF sets the standard for drag performance.

NV CCF: First introduced in 2006, the NV CCF is a stronger, lighter version of the CCF brake. It sports a larger drag, hybrid ceramic bearings, and a titanium drag shaft while delivering the same less than 1% startup inertia as the CCF disc brake. Even at twice the drag surface, this brake unit weighs almost half of that in the CCF line of reels, allowing the NV line to deliver true big game reels that weigh less than many trout reels. The Brembo® brakes of fly fishing reels.

The CCF-X2 Disc Braking System is an upgraded, stronger, lighter version of the Cork and Carbon Fiber brake of its predecessor. It features twice the drag surface in a dual-action brake configuration. Coupled with hybrid ceramic bearings, the reel delivers less than 1% startup inertia at all drag settings. This brake unit is feather light and can be easily switched from RH to LH retrieve. The Brembo® brakes of fly fishing.

The over sized CCF-X2 drag knob features the InfinAdjust drag control system. With six turns of the drag knob, you can go from zero to 20+lbs, allowing you to precisely adjust your drag tension without fear of over adjusting.

Our precision engineered thermoplastic TPX bushings are feather light, self-lubricating, inert (no corrosion) and have zero wear. This means that you have the smoothness of a bearing without the weight and with a longer lifespan.


SCF: The FWX series of reels sports a scaled-down version of the braking system in the CCF-X2 and NV CCF. It consists of a draw-bar style Sealed Carbon Fiber disc brake that’s tough enough to handle anything from brook trout in the Smoky Mountains to double-digit bonefish on Biscayne Bay. No sand, gravel, water or snow will affect its flawless performance.


Torq-X: The Torq-X clutch drive is a machined and anodized aluminum housing for the smallest and strongest one-way clutch on the market that was both designed and commissioned by Nautilus. The 9 lug reinforced housing is press fit around the clutch and ensures a solid spool attachment and instant drag engagement every time.


Giga: The Über arbors of fly fishing reels that allow anglers to reel in more than a foot per turn. In addition, a unique design feature of these spools comes in grooves that let the bottom of the backing breathe to promote faster drying. The Giga arbors have redefined large arbor reel design.

Pentadrag: The Pentadrag braking system features three cork and carbon fiber surfaces and two free floating carbon fiber surfaces, which are topped with a Kevlar®/carbon fiber hybrid precision plate that ensures even pressure at all points of the drag surfaces. The cork acts as an insulation and compression material to ensure a smooth drag transition, while the carbon fiber delivers the market-leading and overall smoothness that Nautilus Reels is known for.

GripTorq: The GripTorq is an intricately machined proprietary 4 axis drag knob that promote light weight, strength and more grip than on any other drag knob in the industry. The GTX GripTorq drag knob measures 1.9″ in diameter and adjusts the drag from zero to max in 1 1/4 turn.